Press On Kids were busy in the month of August with their usual church visitation and ministration campaign.

The exciting young ministers sang powerfully at the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), Trinity Parish-Kotobabion the 16th of August as well as at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Owusu Ansah assembly on the 29th of August.

They joyfully blessed their audience with tunes from their 'Sing the Word' album and many could not help but burst into intermittent applause and cheers as the group enthusiastically sang the word of God with well-choreographed actions and movements.

At the Trinity Parish of GEC, one congregant was so impressed by the performance of the group that he gave one of the young members a gift of money during the ministration as a form of appreciation and encouragement.

We are grateful to God for the doors being opened for Press On Kids to spread his word through songs and to challenge both young and old to hide God's words in their hearts.

The Press On Kids train moves on and looking forward to some exciting engagements in September.

Watch this space for more updates.

In the mean time remember, the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword .It penetrates even to diving soul and spirit, joint and marrow. It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Heb 4:12

Press on Kids Raise the Bar at LIC

I am sure you have heard many children sing at different Sunday school week or Special Children's Services but the Press on Kids are truly an outstanding group of singers. Not simply gifted or simply skilled in the use of their gifts but these are anointed singers who sing with a conviction that is rare.

Last Sunday, 14th June 2015, right in the middle of a cloudy and rainy day the sun began to shine at the Legon Interdenominational Church on the University of Ghana Legon campus. The uplifting and melodious rendition of the popular hymn, I am so glad that Jesus loves me by the Press on Kids left the congregation sitting on edge wondering what could be next after such a powerful entree. Nadia handed the mic over to her sister Kezia who led Hallowed be thy Name in a spirited and delightful manner that it was interrupted with applause every now and then. By the time the final song from their new Sing the Word Project, John 14:6 was in full swing with hand motions and twirls, the congregation was ecstatic. 

If you haven't invited the Press on Kids to your church yet... it's not too late. You need to experience the revival fires in the praises ordained from the mouths of these babes and sucklings. Call NOW!

Press On Kids Minister at the Adonai Chapel Global Evangelical Church

The sensational Press On Kids were special guests at the Adonai Chapel of the Global Evangelical Church at Madina Fire-stone on the 31st of May 2015.

The team as usual sang songs from the 'Sing the Word' album and also showed videos of some songs from the well-loved This Little Light DVD. The church was very appreciative of Press On Kids and enjoyed their songs. The host Pastor, Rev Yohannes Ahiabu challenged members of the congregation to purchase Press On Kids' products and also find ways of supporting this ministry. He noted that all great ministries begin like Press On Kids highlighting the fact that the group was meeting a critical need within the body of Christ. He took time to personally market the products to the members of the congregation. The feedback is already coming in and its astounding! Some members who had bought the group's works came to testify about how the songs are ministering to them and their families.

The Press On Kids sang during the first service of the church  and were very happy to do so. Many people congratulated the group for its unique ministry and some expressed the desire to let their children join the group. We bless God for a successful ministry. The Press On Kids' Ministry train is still on the move...still pressing on!

Press On Kids sing at Victory Chapel, Global Evangelical Church, Teshie


As part of our ministry tour to sing and promote our latest albums, the Press On Kids were at the Teshie Global Evangelical Church, Victory Chapel on Sunday 24th May, 2015.

Ministering in both services to the congregation who were very delighted to have the Press On Kids visit them, the team sang songs from the 'Sing the Word album' and also showed some video clips from the 'This Little Light of mine' DVD. Children from the children's service were also brought into the main services to enjoy the group's ministration.

A member commented that 'it was a beautiful time spent with the children..really catching them young'. Some others expressed interest in bringing their children to join the group at their next rehearsal. A number of them also said they were blessed by the ministration of Press On Kids and bought some of the group's products for themselves and for their friends.

We thank God for his presence and grace to minister to his people. The next stop of the 'Press On Kids' train' is the Adonai Chapel of the Global Evangelical church, Madina. Contact the directors if you want the 'Press On Kids' train' to stop at your church too.

Press On Kids Minister at Christ Anglican Church, Legon

The Press On Kids were special guests at the Christ Anglican Church, Legon Campus on Sunday, 26th April, 2015, where they were invited to sing songs from their latest album ”  Sing the Word”. In their usual expressive and exuberant mode, the kids sang songs like Hallowed be thy name and John 14:6 which were well-received by the congregation with shouts and spontaneous applause.

The Priest-in-charge  prayed for the Press On Kids as well as all the children in the service so that they would be protected from evil and grow to become responsible citizens  of Ghana and the world. The church also made a donation to the group as a way of supporting them in their child evangelism efforts. The successful impact of the Press On Kids’ ministration caused some members of the congregation to volunteer to become patrons of Press On Kids. We give God glory for the great things he has done. We look forward to more exciting times as we move on with our church tours. Watch out, Press On Kids may be in your church soon.



On Sunday the 29th of March, 2015, hundreds of fans, well-wishers and supporters of Press on Kids, as well as congregants crowded at the Cedar Mountain Chapel's Auditorium at East Legon to witness the launch of 2 power-packed products of the Press on Kids. The long-awaited Sequel to their first DVD, This Little Light of Mine as well as a new line of Scripture songs, Sing the Word, were launched for the body of Christ in Ghana and beyond. After the sermon by Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam the beautiful young ones were ushered on-stage to introduce songs from their new album. Oh My! Splendid and Amazing! Such skill and anointing was demonstrated as these children belted out song after song with smiles and hand-motions that kept the audience thoroughly engaged. "Jesus answered... I am the way, the truth, and the life..." they sang and chanted among other lovely tunes with so much conviction.

Indeed, the Press on Kids lend credence to the scripture that states that "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, God has ordained praise and strength." The adult audience literally longed for a full concert, but they had to break for the Prayer over the Cds and DVDs by the Pastors present and the launch by Rev. Dr. Wengam and supported by Mr. Henry Baye.

The launch was crowned with a powerful and soul-stirring solo ministration by gospel musician, Nii Okai.

Press on Kids to Launch New DVD Project

Rehearsals, planning and coordination are well underway as the Press on Kids prepare to release yet another thrilling and entertaining product which has been in the works for about a year. This long awaited series of songs set to motion picture is set to become a household item as many express their anticipation to the leaders of Press On Kids.

The release of this new video project will be tied in with a Children's  extravaganza and subsequent church and sales outlet tour with opportunities to hear the Press on Kids live and to buy their products.

Pray with the group as they prepare to impact their world.

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