On Sunday the 29th of March, 2015, hundreds of fans, well-wishers and supporters of Press on Kids, as well as congregants crowded at the Cedar Mountain Chapel's Auditorium at East Legon to witness the launch of 2 power-packed products of the Press on Kids. The long-awaited Sequel to their first DVD, This Little Light of Mine as well as a new line of Scripture songs, Sing the Word, were launched for the body of Christ in Ghana and beyond. After the sermon by Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam the beautiful young ones were ushered on-stage to introduce songs from their new album. Oh My! Splendid and Amazing! Such skill and anointing was demonstrated as these children belted out song after song with smiles and hand-motions that kept the audience thoroughly engaged. "Jesus answered... I am the way, the truth, and the life..." they sang and chanted among other lovely tunes with so much conviction.

Indeed, the Press on Kids lend credence to the scripture that states that "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, God has ordained praise and strength." The adult audience literally longed for a full concert, but they had to break for the Prayer over the Cds and DVDs by the Pastors present and the launch by Rev. Dr. Wengam and supported by Mr. Henry Baye.

The launch was crowned with a powerful and soul-stirring solo ministration by gospel musician, Nii Okai.