Press on Kids Raise the Bar at LIC

I am sure you have heard many children sing at different Sunday school week or Special Children's Services but the Press on Kids are truly an outstanding group of singers. Not simply gifted or simply skilled in the use of their gifts but these are anointed singers who sing with a conviction that is rare.

Last Sunday, 14th June 2015, right in the middle of a cloudy and rainy day the sun began to shine at the Legon Interdenominational Church on the University of Ghana Legon campus. The uplifting and melodious rendition of the popular hymn, I am so glad that Jesus loves me by the Press on Kids left the congregation sitting on edge wondering what could be next after such a powerful entree. Nadia handed the mic over to her sister Kezia who led Hallowed be thy Name in a spirited and delightful manner that it was interrupted with applause every now and then. By the time the final song from their new Sing the Word Project, John 14:6 was in full swing with hand motions and twirls, the congregation was ecstatic. 

If you haven't invited the Press on Kids to your church yet... it's not too late. You need to experience the revival fires in the praises ordained from the mouths of these babes and sucklings. Call NOW!